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Welcome to Families Makin’ Music™

The BIG FUN Music and Movement Program
for kids ages birth to 5 with parents

Located in Toronto, the teaching focuses on both the parents and kids participation, and integrates the following activities and concepts:

  • Brain Gym™ activities to stimulate Whole Brain Integration for better focus, attention span, and learning in the Cognitive, Behavioral, Emotional, Motor and Visual/Reading centers of the Brain;
  • Introduction to Real Musical Concepts;
  • Rhythm & Tonality laid down systematically in a fun way that the kids will internalize and have for a lifetime, given several music terms are attended consecutively in their first formative years (Ages Birth to 5 );
  • Focus is on participation, rather than competition, on a child’s musical age, rather than chronological age, on informal rather than formal structure;
  • Introduction to the marriage of music with movement;
  • Introduction to varied musical selections that are enjoyed by children and adults;
  • ENTHUSIASM used as a tool;
  • Thinking out of the box in a playful spirit, as a suggested way of being in our classes;

Do you want a music program that the WHOLE FAMILY can enjoy; Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Nannies and the kids? Do you want to learn how to play musically with your child(ren), by really getting into their world in a fun and memorable way? Do you want to enhance your child’s learning so they will have a jumpstart in their education affecting many areas of the Brain when they enter, and in conjunction with their preschool, JK, SK, Grade One and beyond?

Then join us at FAMILIES MAKIN’ MUSIC with a loving Royal Conservatory of Music Trained Teacher and find out how important and how much fun your role can be.
You will learn how to help your children reach Basic Music Competence in an informal structure and all in a fun mix. Together, we lay down the foundations of music for the little ones, that they will have for a lifetime.

Some of the areas we cover are tonal & rhythmic patterns, singing, moving, dancing, to songs that are written in various tonalities and meters, (I like to refer to it as a Musical Bath), Brain Gym activities to enhance Whole Brain Integration for better focus, attention span, learning, in the Cognitive, Behavioral, Emotional, Motor and Visual/Reading areas.The children will also be better prepared for music with other types of instruments.

Once they can keep a beat in their bodies, move rhythmically, and sing in tune, (reaching Basic Music Competence), it will be much easier to move this learning from the body and the voice, (the instruments we are born with), to other types of instruments.

One of the many gifts I get when teaching these classes, is the look of amazement on the parents faces when a child has absorbed the material I have taught to the point of actually giving me back a tonal or rhythm pattern, a song, a leadership role with a particular movement, or repeating a musical term I have introduced to the class.

As for myself, I find it awesome to watch this process unfold with our little ones, which it always does, given enough time, patience, and love.

First we sing, then we understand.”
- Abraham Joshua Heschel

Want to play musically with your children?

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Music & Movement Classes

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