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Music Classes

Let us be reminded that the gift of music is a most precious treasure that, if nurtured and supported for the first six formative years of life with our little people, is one that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.


For Cost of classes, look at the weekly grid above to see how many weeks that location is running, then go to the Registration Link and check what the cost is for that number of weeks.

Mixed Age Class (Birth to 5, With Parents/Caregiver)

The earlier the PREPARATORY AUDIATION process begins the more opportunity for the critical learning period to take effect. Research indicates the ear is formed in utero at about four months. The neonate begins to hear at that stage, so when I am asked, “is my child too young to begin music classes?” my opinion is that it is not.

With this type of teaching, the focus is on musical age, rather than chronological age. For example, a child who has come to my classes for several terms and is now two yrs old, may be more musically enriched in terms of tonality and rhythm, than a child of three who has never had exposure to this type of quality music class.

Yes, an older child may be able to repeat a tonal pattern, but is he singing on pitch, is she speaking it rather than singing it? Is he singing in tune, but only for certain parts of a song?

Yes, an older child may be able to repeat some rhythmic patterns, but not all the patterns. Can she move her body rhythmically and can he show me macro beats and micro beats for the duration of a song.There are numerous components that determine whether a child is beat competent, and pitch competent, depending on where they are in the stages of preparatory audiation. Having said all of that, there are no expectations of correctness required of the children in informal music instruction.

However, if a child cannot sing in tune, hold a beat rhythmically, or move rhythmically, it is far more difficult to transfer to an instrument. The body and the voice are the first instruments with which we are born. In order to get the body and the voice ready to add other types of instruments or other forms of dance to the repertoire of the child later on down the road, it is of utmost importance to start from in-utero through the formative early years with tonal and rhythmic patterns, word and wordless melodies, chanting, singing, creative dance, structured and unstructured movement, flow, beat, percussion instrument free play and a spirit of great enthusiasm initiated by the teacher, the parents, grandparents and nannies. Doing this for the first five years of the child’s life will help with the internalization of music through the process called preparatory audiation.

3-5 year olds With Parent

Kids 3-5 years and Parents sing from the heart, move creatively, breathe, stretch and relax with a loving Conservatory trained Teacher. Benefits include: a healthy and strong body, mind and spirit, relaxation, self-esteem, focus, bonding, in addition to Basic Music Competence in an informal structure all in a fun mix.

Babies Makin’ Music (Under 1 yr.)

Sing, dance, explore, cuddle, and laugh with your baby all in different rhythmic and tonal patterns, usual and unusual meters, word and wordless melodies that are stimulating, nurturing, educational, and big fun for everyone. Fabulous new CDs & Songbooks each term for the whole family to enjoy.

If your newborn is your second child, they come in at no charge up to 10 mos. with one registered child to my mixed-age class. As research confirms, the neonate’s ears are formed in-utero at approximately 4 – 5 months, so bringing an infant with their sibling further contributes and enhances their development in so many areas. A child is never too young to come to music class.

Pregnant Parents Makin’ Music

Research has documented how powerful music & movement can be in your unborn child’s development. Pregnant women in their second trimester, together with their partners, share special time with their unborn child(ren) immersed in music makin’, movement, bonding and communicating with loving energy.

Course Info:

Infants, toddlers, preschoolers and their (grand)Parents/caregivers meet once per week, for classes of 45 minute duration.

At this age music is learned through the process of PREPARATORY AUDIATION. This term, coined by Dr. Gordon, at its most fundamental level means the ability to HEAR AND UNDERSTAND music in the mind when music is or is not present.

To draw an analogy, AUDIATION is to MUSIC, what THOUGHT is to LANGUAGE, what VISUALISATION is to the ACTUAL PERFORMANCE of an activity. Whether it be an olympic athlete training for a sport, a sculptor transforming a block of marble into a work of art, or a young child hearing and internalizing tonal and rhythmic patterns, it all has to be heard, seen, experienced, tasted, felt and understood in the body and mind. Consequently, for our children to begin to “think music” or “AUDIATE,” they must be bathed in a variety of music with a large vocabulary of patterns in various tonalities and meters. Three important stages occur in the process of achieving PREPARATORY AUDIATION; ACCULTURATION, IMITATION, and ASSIMILATION.

Parent/Caregivers participate in class activities and gather information to foster an enriched musical environment.

Young children participate at their own level in two types of classes:

  • Babies Makin’ Music for moms/dads/grandparents/nannies with Babies under 1yr.
  • Family-style classes of mixed ages, birth to 5 years (With Parents).
  • Family-style classes for 3′s – 5′s (With Parent).

Music selections are appropriate for children of all ages and movement activities are varied to meet each child’s abilities.

About Informal Instruction:

  • Children may or may not participate as they choose and do so according to their developmental level.
  • The class experience, reinforced by nurturing and supportive adult participation, stimulates learning both in the classroom and at home.
  • TWO MAKE-UPS PER TERM will be approved only upon notice.

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Music & Movement Classes

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