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Laugh Just Because – Laughter Yoga

Check out this new Laughter Kirtan exercise created by Jeffrey Briar at our Laughter Teacher Training in December 2012. If you like, try this in your clubs and classes.


Helen Bauer is both a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher, adding to her Life Mission of raising the Happiness Quotient on the Planet with laughter music, and fun. Classes can be composed of adults, or adults and children, [age 5 and up] participating together in unconditional laughter exercises & games, deep diaphragmatic breathing, Brain Gym exercises, clapping exercises, some stretching, some movement, some singing, a little dancing, some meditation, and a whole lot of BIG TIME FUN. Her extensive experience as an Early Childhood Music & Movement Educator easily overlap with components of Laughter Yoga; that being, the invitation to reconnect with that beautiful, child-like spirit, wonder, and awe that is within all of us.

Some of the many benefits of participating in Laughter Yoga Classes on a regular monthly basis where laughter is sustained are: lowered blood pressure, lowered heart rate, lowered cortisol levels in the body caused by stress, boosted immune system, raised energy levels, raised endorphin levels (the feel good hormone) and oxytocin (the stay and play hormone), a massaging of the lymphatic and digestive organs, increased oxygen to all the cells, decreased symptoms of anxiety and depression, better quality of sleep, and the list goes on.  In fact, research suggests that 1 minute of laughter is equal to 10 minutes of rowing.

The intent is to continue to invite people to recreate that joyfulness in their every day lives through Mind, Body and Soul as a way to counteract the stress that is so prevalent in our world today. In addition to promote Dr. Madan & Madhuri Kataria’s vision of World Harmony and Peace through Laughter Yoga.

From the subway, go north one block, turn left at Pretoria Ave and left again to 59 Cambridge Ave. Click on MAP for Larger Version

From the subway, go north one block, turn left at Pretoria Ave and left again to 59 Cambridge Ave. Click on MAP for Larger Version

Please Note: Change of Date and New Discount!

Laugh Just Because- Laughter Yoga will meet on the second Friday of every month from 7:30 – 8:30 p.m., at 59 Cambridge Ave, — a stone’s throw away from Broadview Station on the Bloor-Danforth line (north of Danforth).  After class, for those who wish, we socialize (including eating and drinking) at one of the many neighbourhood restaurants on the Danforth.


Bring a new family member/friend to our classes and you each get 50% off (both pay $6 each instead of $12 each) for that class.

Feel free to contact us: (416) 844-5655. 

If you want a different kind of fun, exercise, & health enhancing program, (including your whole gang of family and friends), birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries, seminars, conferences, workshops, group meetings, conference ice-breakers, check out Laugh Just Because- Laughter Yoga.

Laugh Just Because- Laughter Yoga can bring the following results to businesses, organizations or associations: team building, morale boosting, stress release, and peak performance for Employees and their Management Teams.

Take time to laugh; it is the music of the soul
                    ~Author Unknown

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Laughter Yoga Classes

Click Here to discover more about Laughter Yoga. This is a wellness program appropriate for everyone from 6 to 96 yr. olds where no experience is necessary, no yoga postures, nor special yoga clothing is needed. Just bring your playful spirit and your willingness to laugh, and the rest will follow.

Music & Movement Classes

Call (416) 844-5655 for more information