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Videos of Families Makin’ Music™

Please note the progression in development that has been absorbed when parents have been actively involved, both in music class, and during the weeks in between, and have consistently brought their daughter to music classes, without breaks in any terms for the duration of one year, so far.

In the first two videos, the little girl is 25 months. In Video 3, she is 37 months.

Hey, check me out mommy and daddy. I’m loving this dancing thing with the scarves.

Oooooooooo, this drum is fun to play and I’m starting to copy my teacher who is singing a wordless melody using the vocable, bam bam-bam.
Vocables help language development.

I am singing the Firefighter song, and when we are counting the steps that the Firefighters are running up, 123, 456, 789, 10,11, 12, I am rhythmically correct.

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