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Welcome to My New Website

Families Makin’ Music – Music and Movement
for Families with Newborns to 5 Year Olds

Hey & Hi,

OMG, I am so excited to be writing on my actual blog. Welcome to my brand spanking new Word Press Website. So, it’s chock full of picture slides and videos, and new music packages, and Laughter Yoga leading, and social media connections and all that delicious stuff …

I know, you’re thinking, like welcome to the 21st century, babe, hello?…. where kids in kindergarten know more than me about computers. So, call me a dinosaur, that I’ve had my old website for, what, 11 years,  been in business for fifteen years, and yes, it certainly was time for renewal.

Speaking of renewal, it’s that time again, when the kids go back to school very, very soon, and preschool, and JK, and SK, and lots of beginnings.

We are starting classes Sunday Sept. 11/11. Registration is underway. Please check my Registration and Classes Pages on my website for prices and times.

Speak soon,

Big Hugs

Helen Bauer
Families Makin’ Music
Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

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